Italy for Idiots?

Hey there readers! There’s this place in Europe. It’s called Italy? I guess it’s pretty popular? What do you know about it? What to see, what to do, where to stay? Do they make good food there?

I ask all these questions because I am helping (“helping”) my sister with stuff for her wedding, and part of my duties involves honeymoon planning assistance. She wants to go to Italy. But here’s the thing: I freaking HATED Italy. I had the worst time there. The weather was hot, muggy, and miserable. Everything was crowded and expensive. (Did I mention I was there in August? I’ve gotten smarter since then.) The food was not nearly as tasty as everyone made it out to be. (Except the gelato. That was tops.) The men were terrible; I got groped basically every day. I met the dumbest girl in the world there, and then one of the sketchiest dudes. It was top-to-bottom the worst part of my backpacking trip, and I doubt anyone could ever convince me to return.

So I look to you, loyal readers, for advice. Has anyone had any actual good experiences in Italy? Who can convince me that this is a place worth visiting, so I can get excited about helping out my little sis?


2 thoughts on “Italy for Idiots?

  1. Maybe avoid the cities and instead head for the Amalfi Coast, the Lake District, or the Italian Riviera? From each of these places they could take day trips into the cities and fight the crowds/overpay for museums/etc, and then retreat to a quieter home base.

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