Girls, Going!

You all know we’re fans of Going around here, just in the general sense, anywhere and anyway you might like to Go. You know, also, that we who run this joint are Girls, specifically in the sense of being females of few responsibilities, not in the sense of being children nor the subjects of an HBO show. You know, finally, that we like things with the initials GGG. (Yes, that too.) So, of course, now that we know they exist, we are fans of Go! Girl Guides.

I was tipped off to these guides by a great little interview over at The Hairpin (of which we are also fans) with the founder of Go! Girl Guides, Kelly Lewis. She explains how she got her start traveling, how she decided to write travel books (it came to her in a dream, which is insane and also perfect), and some of her best advice for women travelers (including my own personal favorite, “For the Love Of God, Don’t Get Drunk”).

Go! only has a few guidebooks out so far–not surprising for a young and small company–but their blog is well-updated with interesting tidbits from all over the world. Want to learn how to tell someone to buzz off in Greek? Wondering about birth control options while you’re on the road? Go! Girl blog has the info you crave.

As part of her mission to get more women traveling, Lewis is starting the Women’s Travel Fest this year. It’s March 8 in New York, if you’re so inclined. I think every human should take as many opportunities to travel as possible, but it does feel true-ish that women do so less than men, because they’re more afraid, more vulnerable, more Type A, less wealthy or spendthrifty, or whatnot. So spending a day and a website focusing just on encouraging women to get out into the world more is a noble effort.

Lady readers, thoughts? (Dude readers, your thoughts are also acceptable.) Does gender-specific travel advice make sense to you?