Who Lives There?

We had a five-hour drive ahead of us, so we departed Mammoth Lakes for LAX early in the morning, as the sun was rising and illuminating the Sierra Nevada in the most spectacular way. They’re called “The Range of Light” for a reason.

Heading south on Highway 395, one of America’s scenic byways that runs along the eastern edge of the sierras, we rounded a bend and came across this expansive farm, set in valley at the foot of the mountains.

It was stunning. I felt very curious to know, “Who lives there!?” And do they feel, as I do, that it’s a very special place? Do they feel fortunate, to wake up each morning greeted by the glowing face of a towering granite mountain?

I know, “the grass is always greener.” And I know running a farm is no easy task. I wouldn’t say I’m envious (well, maybe a little), but I certainly appreciate what a gift these farmers have.