On Being Uncool

I know you guys are going to be super surprised to hear this, but I often feel very uncool. I know, someone admitting to her own strangeness and anxiety on the internet! It’s a brand new thing.

Anyway, for this upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, an undoubtedly cool city, I’m a little worried. There are a couple of things that I want to do that I feel like I might not be cool enough for.

1) Checking out one of their no-longer-underground puertas cerradas, or closed-door restaurants, where chefs host pop-up-style prix-fixe dinners in their own homes or other unusual spaces. I assume that everyone who attends these dinners will speak at least three languages, dress in clothes by designers who I’ve never heard of, and will be literal fashion models. I will probably just spill soup on myself and leave still hungry.

2) Dancing tango. Oof. I cannot dance. At. All. I took one tango lesson one time from a friend’s girlfriend, and I wound up confusing which leg I was moving at any given time. I also have less of a sense of rhythm than most toddlers. Also: I assume that the same literal fashion models in beautiful clothes will follow us from dinner to milonga. Yes, I know that there are tango classes and dances that are specifically for uncool tourists like me, but going to one of those would be admitting that I’m one of those awful uncool people. And I just don’t wanna.

Being uncool won’t stop me from doing these things, but they will make me feel all wonky before, during, and after. And that wonkiness will then become part of the experience, too.


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