Go Go Go Recommends… Thrilling Drives

Go Go Go Recommends…

Driving a crazy curvy road. Come on, live a little. Tight switchbacks winding up the sides of mountains with death-defying drop-offs? That’s what I call fun.

Utah Route 12
In addition to the harrowing highways Conde Nast offers up in the link above, I also recommend Route 12 in southern Utah, which includes a lovely little stretch called Hell’s Backbone, with a steep incline and severe drop-offs on not one, but both sides, of the highway. Route 12 runs through some of my favorite places, including Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, pictured below.

The Road to Hana
Then there’s the famed Road to Hana, with over 600 curves, many of them single lanes around blind corners. Just go slow, use your ears as well as your eyes. Leave early, like we did, and you’ll barely see another soul.

The Backside of Haleakala
If you’re really cool, you’ll continue beyond Hana to make a loop around Maui by driving the backside of Haleakala, car rental restrictions be damned. (Most agencies forbid driving on this road. So if you get a flat, they won’t come get you. But, you know, whatevs. It was amazing.)


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