The Only Advice You Need: Go (With Your Gut)

Please check out this article from xojane about traveling alone, and a frightening and potentially dangerous thing that happened to a lady-person, and–MOST IMPORTANTLY–read all the way to the end where writer and traveler Carmen Brito sums up what is really the only travel advice you need.

“Be cautious, and go with your gut if something seems wrong, but don’t be afraid to be in unfamiliar territory. I wish this wasn’t the world we live in, but it is, and it can be truly incredible if you go out and explore it. The rest of my trip was amazing. One person tried to harm me, but dozens of others were kind and generous.”

This is the best advice for any person of any gender, whether alone or with a group, going anywhere in the world or, for that matter, staying home. The world is a real place where the occasional bad and scary thing can happen. But usually, mostly, the world is a real place where amazing and beautiful and surprising and funny things happen. So be wise, be cautious. But don’t be scared. There’s too much world out there to be scared of it.

With that final bit of advice, I’m off to Argentina. And this, I’m sad to say, will be my last trip as editor-in-chief around these parts. Life is getting to be extremely life-y, and I can’t make the time to be as involved in Go Go Go as I want to be. I leave you in the capable hands of Brooke and Laura, who will do us all proud.

Thanks, all. Happy travels!