Get me out of here.

Things are getting desperate. Technically, winter is approaching its end, but realistically, here in the Midwest, we all know better. Expecting good weather before late April will just leave you disappointed. And that means we have to bear up under cold, dreary wintery weather for at least another six weeks.

Most of us are ready for a change of scenery. It doesn’t matter where, it just matters that it’s not “here,” wherever “here” may be.

If that’s the case for you, you might be interested in the search tool at, which allows you to search for deals from a particular city to wherever’s cheap. As opposed to most other deal sites, where you have to have a destination in mind, this site allows you to keep your budget the first priority.

And if you’re going somewhere, tell me in the comments so I can travel vicariously. Currently I’m grounded in Chicago until late May, and if I can’t get out of here sooner, then I’ll simply have to rejoice in your escape.


One thought on “Get me out of here.

  1. Just got back from a week in Marco Island, FL. It was not a trip filled with exciting adventures (mostly beach and pool), but it WAS just named the best island in the US by TripAdvisor! Sunshine and short-sleeves felt pretty amazing.

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