Blizzaargh 2015

We’re getting pretty good at winter around here. Three of the last four have been serious business. 2011 was Chicago’s third biggest blizzard, which John and I endearingly named Blizzack! Then the winter of 2013/2014 was, of course, the Polar Vortex. And this year, on the anniversary of Blizzack!, Chicago had its fifth largest blizzard. This one, maybe we’ll call it Blizzaaargh 2015.

So today was an official snow day. The office shut down on account of the dangerous conditions. And let me tell you, snow days are even more fun as a grown up than they were as a kid.

Today’s schedule: a little reading, a little baking, a little daytime television, and a chance to break out the snowshoes and take some winter photos.

We used Christmas money to buy some of our own, and after busting them out for Bizzaargh, I can say it was worth the investment.

Snow in Chicago quickly turns to a slushy black mess, so heading out to the forest preserve at Herrick Lake in Wheaton with piles of fresh snow was a treat.

Many forest preserves and park districts offer snowshoe rentals. If you go, dress in layers–snowshoeing is a physical effort, especially if the snow is deep, and you’ll warm up quickly. Avoid cotton, which stays wet if you tumble or sweat. Wet and cold is a terrible combination.