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We will look at anything that is even vaguely travel-related. Your submission doesn’t have to fit within the categories below, but sometimes it helps to have a place to start.
Our editorial guidelines aren’t stringent, but we adhere to basic rules of English grammar and composition. Humor is encouraged.

  • Text submissions will be proofed and may be edited for length, content, or split into multiple posts.
  • Photographic submissions may be cropped or lightly edited for exposure.
  • Not all submissions will be accepted.
  • You will retain copyright over your work.

Recurring Posts
Everyday Photo

Does what it says on the tin–something interesting you noticed while going about your normal business. Share that moment with the rest of the world. And don’t forget, we feature your furry travel companions on Fridays. Or should I say, Fur-idays.

Very Tiny Voyage

They don’t all have to be long trips to exotic locales. Did you take a bus downstate to visit a friend? Go to a weird-looking store in your neighborhood or, better yet, a ‘hood you’ve never been to? Drive aimlessly for a few hours because you just needed to see something different? Turn left instead of right one day? Well, you’ve just been on a voyage, my friend, and you should tell us about it. (Photos optional but encouraged.)

Hometown Tour

Love it or leave it, everyone’s from somewhere. Tell us about the place you grew up, the place you live now, or anywhere in between. And send us photos, because we are visual learners and we like to see things.

Kitchen Vacation

Man, do you remember that fantastic sopa de tomate you had in Barcelona? Or that spice rub that seemed to be everywhere in Istanbul? Or the gumbo in New Orleans that was so good you start to drool when you even think about it? Teach us how to make it, because we’re hungry. Send a photo of your finished dish (required) and prep work (optional), and a smell-o-gram.

How To

Most of us are stumbling through life without a lot of guidance. Show us how it’s done. Tips, tricks, cautionary tales–help us help ourselves.


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