Autumn at Herrick Lake




How to: Enjoy the Fall

(c) Laura Bolesta

(c) Laura Bolesta

Despite the warm temperatures, it is really and truly fall now, a/k/a the best time of year. It’s essential to celebrate the fact that, for the moment, it is neither horrendously humid nor bone-breakingly frigid. How? A few suggestions:

1) See the colors.

The leaves are already starting to turn. Before they’re in heaps on the ground, take a hike or a drive to appreciate a little nature. I haven’t been to hardly any of the places on this list from Midwest Living, but I’d happily cruise around any one of them on a crisp fall afternoon.

2) Get lost in a corn maze.

Fact: I have never actually been in a corn maze. But I’ve been in fun fair mazes and hedge mazes, so I can only assume that a corn maze is equally amusing. I don’t think I necessarily need to hit the world’s largest corn maze my first time out, but it’s not far away from home.

3) Await the Great Pumpkin.

There are pumpkin patches and pumpkin festivals all over the country this time of year, but nothing compares to Punkin Chunkin in Delaware, the featured event of which is… well… chunkin punkins, obviously.

4) Get scared.

I am a scaredy-cat, so I don’t go to haunted houses. But if you’re brave, check out anything from the hipster literary version of a haunted house in Kansas City to the maniacs at the Statesville Haunted Prison (NB: the folks who run it are friends-of-friends).

However you do it, make sure you take advantage of the fall. You know you’re going to be moaning about the awful weather again soon.