Musical Geography: Hotels

I’m buried in reviews of B&Bs, hostels, riads, and pensions at the moment, so it seems only natural to share some songs about hotels.

“Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis Presley

I sometimes forget that Elvis was cool and young before he got old and fat and dead.

“Hotel Yorba” – the White Stripes

I never knew Hotel Yorba was a real place in Detroit. From what I gather, it’s something along the lines of an SRO. Probably not recommended in any guidebooks.

“Hotel Song” – Regina Spektor

Bags of cocaine and unknown girls–this is a very rockstar version of hotel living.

“Chelsea Hotel #2” – Leonard Cohen

Speaking of rockstar…

“Divorce Song” – Liz Phair

OK, this one is a stretch, but it starts out with checking into a hotel, so it counts. And it’s just a good song, so quit nitpicking.