Snow Shows its Better Side in Mammoth Lakes

In Chicago, we tend to hate pretty hard on the snow. Mainly because most of it turns to a terrible black slush within hours of falling. We slip and slide on messy, unplowed streets and sidewalks. We shovel “heart-attack snow” from our driveways. Snow in Chicago is ugly. And we’re all pretty sick of it already.

So I wanted to present a different perspective: the first snow fall of the year in the Mammoth Lakes area, in California’s incomparable Sierra Nevada mountains, where snow shows us its better side.

Their first snow came early, in mid September, and everyone got in on the fun: the young, the old, and the somewhere in between.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin includes the Lake Mary area, a cluster of phenomenal alpine lakes popular among fishers. There’s nothing quite as lovely as snowcapped mountains reflected in a glassy lake. Crisp air, bluer than blue skies, and utter stillness. I’ll take this kind of snow day any month of the year.

The afternoon sun melted away the snow at the lower elevations, and we caught this expansive view of Twin Lakes.

While the snow cut short our backpacking plans to get away from it all and connect with nature, this snowy day turned out to be the most restorative of the trip. Mammoth Lakes is great any time of year, and I highly recommend it!